To Learn Kizomba or Urban Kiz First ?

Question By dawdawre

Hey! For a complete beginner who has never ever danced anything before except two measly beginner drop-in classes in Kizomba recently (basics 1-3 etc) — Is it a bad idea to learn beginners Urban Kiz at the same time as beginners Kizomba? Or should I be patient and commit to one first until I can do it decently well?
EDIT: I’m a male lead, 25 years old (if that matters).


User El_Zorrro 

I would suggest first learning kizomba, as it will teach you proper weight transfer and “grounding”. Urban kiz is too straight-legged and on the balls of your feet most of the time. This is also an advice Iron Mams gives.

User ingloriabasta

Seconded! Also, learning both simultaneously from the beginning may be difficult, because they are so similar and for a beginner it may be a challenge to do one of the two correctly, let alone switch between the both consciously. In my personal opinion, you will be the better urban dancer if you really master kizomba before, but not everyone will agree on this position.

User LastDanz

I’m also mainly lead. I started learning UrbanKiz, afterwards I started with Kizomba.

In my opinion, the best is learning one type (any), and afterwards start learning the other (you may keep attending your “first type” lessons) The difference between these two are big, but not enormous.

User All__fun   

I Learned Semba Then Kizomba Then Urban Kiz.

But in all honesty man, Just pick one and go with it.

If you talk to Kizomba Enthusiast, they will say “Kizomba” First.

I say, Pick whichever one you enjoy dancing.

Don’t base this off of someone else’s opinion.

When you pick the one you enjoy, you will be passionate about practicing and you are more likely to stick with it and continue your Journey.

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