Too close or that’s fine ?

Question by User sharkman2019

Male lead beginner here just wondering how close I should stand in a closed frame- sometimes with a new partner I tend to stand a bit away

So is it okay to stand close so your arm can go around to middle of her back shoulder blade ? Do women feel odd or this is fine .. I am not touching Chest to chest but closer than an arm length if that makes sense


User JoyJones9

Your follow will make some distance if they want it 🙂 At least, I did when I was new to dancing. Now that I’ve danced kizomba, there’s really no “too close” for me, but everyone’s style and comfort level is different.

User stumptowngal

Lol, kizomba and (somewhat bachata) will slap that shyness out of you.

User californiastateuni

I don’t want to sound like a bitch but isn’t bachata and kizomba just an excuse to grind on random people? I’m not calling anyone out or saying it’s bad but figuring out distance will be tricky

I guess I’m trying to question why people like it or one of the main reasons why. I get it’s sensual and it’s sensual, but is that it…?

When people like salsa, they’d say culture, musicality, a chance for a great exercise, structured, performance

But bach and kiz and zouk have this grindy, feel me up, get closer kind of thing and the clubbers/night outers love it

User r1bb1tTheFrog

Ideally you want to go for a bicep-to-bicep or elbow-to-elbow connection, or somewhere in between, with the closed arm. That means your hand will be placed roughly on the scapula of your partner.

Occasionally you’ll match with a partner who feels this is too close, and their body language will communicate that. In that case, you can connect wherever they do. It might not be very comfortable, but that’s okay – it’s just one dance 🙂 If I detect that from a partner, I usually won’t ask them to dance again.

User projektako

If you’re facing your partner directly in frame, this is a ballroom concept. Many teachers will tell you this is correct and just as many will tell you this is not salsa.

I’ve fallen to that second category. The rigid frame doesn’t facilitate anything in mambo that can be done with a pull gate and proper footwork.

Because there’s not traditional ballroom frame, how close to your partner is determined by facilitating the connection with your partner.

The starting hold is the lead next to the follow in a “v”… The lead’s right hip nearly to the follow’s left hip. Lead’s right arm across the follow’s waist with hand in that pocket of the small if the back and not at the shoulder blade. This allows control of the follow’s hip but plenty of distance for a cross body lead.

Other cases, too close can make execution uncomfortable. Not enough room for turns and just ”crunchiness” because things are too tight. This is how elbows end in eye sockets.

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