Traditional Bachata vs new stuff


Does anyone else prefer more traditional Bachata music. I am so over the remixes and the focus on sensual bachata. At socials, I rarely hear anything but remixes and very few of the faster beat Bachata.


User RProgrammerMan 

A mix of stuff is always the best. Novelty keeps it exciting.

User DeanXeL  

I like more traditional songs, but boy oh boy do I get tired if I have to dance more than two or three in a row! Each has its’ time and place, and dj’s that only do sensual have no imagination!

User berean17   

I’m with you on that. Not every pop song needs a bachata version. Some are good. I’m partial to senorita. I do miss having actual instruments and not just lyrics over a bass and percussion best.

User ChiraqBluline   

I like the Dominican footwork stuff, the old Prince Royce type stuff, the new remixes like 1 and done, but I hate the white people bachata, like a bachata remix to billy Eilish is so damn unnecessary….

User johnwinston2 

You sound like you dance in Orlando. Th

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