What age do most men and women start Social Dancing and quit?


User TijoWasik 

There’s no start and quit.

Are you talking about professionals? I know professionals who started in their pre-teens, in their teens, in their twenties, thirties and forties, some even later. Unless you’re talking about competing on the world stage, then there’s no limit to when you start.

As for quitting… Well, that’s spoken like someone who is ready to give up before starting. The only way you become a good salsa dancer is to learn the dance… And feel it. Salsa isn’t just a dance, it’s an entire mindset, a personality, a set of things that define a huge part of you. Once you’re a salsa dancer, you’re never not a salsa dancer. It sticks.

User HavokIris 

I started dancing when I was in college because that’s when it was introduced to me. I know people who started when they were kids and I regularly run into retirees on the dance floor. That’s one of my favorite things about dancing, it’s incredibly diverse.

User cuib_de_cuci

Yeah, I don’t think people “quit” at any point in time, once they get past the initial hurdle when they feel everything is awkward.

Their bodies may quit on them, though. If your knees refuse to cooperate, there isn’t much you can do about it.

User gnimsh  

I guess I quit when I was 1 pandemic old

User PRCastaway

I learned a bit as a kid but never really got good. Now I want to learn because I feel like I should know how plus I like the idea of being able to dance with a woman I like 🙂

User danielVH3 

Here in South America you normally learn when you start going to parties. Specially Quinciañeros, soo basically 15. If not you are more or less prone to learn th more parties you go to as you get more involved in then through dancing. Hell in some places you might learn as early as preteens. And as another user said, once a Salsa dancer, always a salsa dancer. Sure you might get rusty but when you truly are in tune with the dance it is no longer something physicsl but rather feeling the music flow. So whenever you hear that sweet rhythm poking at you years later your feet will start twitching and without noticing it you’ll start dancing and boom your back

User El_Willster

Normally they start at 16 years 2 months and usually quit at 63 years before standard retirement age.

User BarkthonHighland

Start: twenties. Stop: when having babies. Restart: late thirties or forties. Stop: when they get a wheelchair or when they forget they could dance.

User FloydRix 

Most women are either young, early 20’s or old 60+. Most men are looking for something else when they try to learn to dance and are probably aged 30+

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