What are The names of the Beginner Moves and patterns for Brazilian Zouk?

Question by User maoMeow14

I’m fairly new to this and was trying to make a list of the different beginners moves so I can remember their names and hopefully their actions by doing so. Can anyone point me to a list if not start one here?


User Yoy0YO

– Basic (passo basico)






Raul (elastico)


These are the beginner-ish ones that I know are taught early on, there are some other non-named ones like bodyrolls, weight-transfer and body isolations

More complex moves would be:


Protip: if you’re ever off time, body roll once in the middle of a basic/lateral/whatever and then continue on the next slow-beat and you’ll be back on time.

Combre is a generic term where the ladies extend all the way backwards into a dip, smaller and controlled for beginners, and something with more flourish in intermediate.

User russsm

Basic, lateral, alternating turns, bonus, chicote, cambré(so?), boneca, viraginha(sp?).., for starters.

I am not a teacher; those are just some things off the top of my head, and I wanted to respond since no one else has.

User Hnmr 2 points 1 year ago 

You got it right, those are the main move names. There is a good channel Zouk Germany I’d like to share that in addition to having move names also shows how the moves are made with proper technique https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN1HHBlxByX8Doqy0Jv5LUw/

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