What I have learned after Interviewing 50+ Performance Dancers and Instructors.

– Master the Basics.
You basic is the foundation of your house. If you have a shaky foundation, everything on top of it will be weak. Isabella Freiberger 

  • Connection to your partner and the music trumps all the moves in the world.

People get confused that dancing is a performance, sometimes it is, most of the time it is not. 

We partner dance to have a great night, meet new people, and to have fun. 

If your partner is not having fun, what is the point? We are just walking to a beat at that point. 

  • Beginners Stuck in a rut. 

Need to continue to practice, and stay persistent. I have interviewed some amazing dancers and they all started out as beginners at one point. 

– Intermediates who want to make it to advanced.

Focus on the basics. I ask all my guest that question, THEY ALL SAY FOCUS ON THE BASICS. 

Why? Because you realize that the better you get, how important the basics are. The basics make everything else you learn easier. The better you are at your basics, the easier it is to learn new moves. 

One tip to make you a better dancer.

  • Listen to that music genre ALL THE TIME. This is how you improve your musicality. 
  • if you can focus on making your partner happy, you will both will have a great time. 
  • Nervous about dancing with somebody, focus on their happiness and not how cool you want to look. Make it a game, where your goal is to make them smile or laugh. Credit Aleksander Saiyan
  • Learn to lead and follow. It will only make you a better dancer. 

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