What is most important to you when social dancing?


User Khursed

Typically, for me at least, it’s about having fun and making sure my partner is enjoying herself. Try not to pay attention to what everyone is doing around you and just enjoy the connection with your partner.

For me it’s about a sense of understanding and effortlessness with your partner. Working at their level and making sure they are comfortable as well. Hard to really put into words but I’ve found that as long as your actions match your intention, you’re usually in good shape.

User lenrivera

Connection and awareness of when you’re hurting your partner as a lead.

– If your partner moves, you move. Don’t be static whilst your partner is moving, and don’t move at a different speed to your partner. You should aim to be the same distance from your partner at all times unless a particular move requires you not to be. I can’t speak as to Bachata as much on this, but when I’ve focused on this in Salsa it’s been a pretty magical feeling.

– Strength mirroring. If your partner is light and sensitive, you should aim to mirror that energy — likewise they should aim to match yours.

– Contact before movement. For leads, if a certain move requires you have connection with a particular part of your partner’s body (back, shoulder, hip, elbow, hand etc), establish it early rather than just in time for the move. For followers, if it’s clear a lead is looking for your hand, give it to them as soon as possible. even if it means cutting some styling short. You want to avoid the discomfort of leading/being led through a move without time to settle into the connection.

I’m sure there are others i’m missing, but these make a huge difference.

User papitotimo

That I drank enough Rum to dance

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