What kind of salsa is danced in your city?

User ChampagneNYC

New York City – On2

User Fishy11

Philadelphia – mostly on1, but also on2. Just cross the border to NJ and they dance on2.

User Arshia42

Vancouver Canada is about 30% cuban 69.9% linear (mostly on1) and 0.1% Cali style (me and my friend lol)


Midwest here, it’s all on1 but there are classes for both on1 and on2.

It is mostly linear style but a lot of Mexicans and Colombians dance cumbia (circular style?) to every salsa song.

User Inmyfeelings123 

Happens a lot in the south too. In Texas, more Cumbia is played at socials than other places but you’ll still see Cumbia danced to salsa music by Mexicans and Colombians.

User gumercindo1959 

DC area. I haven’t been social dancing in some time but when I did go, I’d say it was split: 60/30/10 (on1/on2/cuban).

User eenergabeener 

Los Angeles. The social dancing at clubs seems to be all on1. There is probably on2 somewhere but I haven’t run into it yet.

User NorthCoast30 

I’m in the Midwest. Mostly on1 however if you want to be special you’ll learn on2… if you’re talking about studio learners. Different story if you learned at home and for example you’re doing the home grown salsa-as-cumbia thing or PR, depending on where “your” family is from.

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