What makes a great social for you?


User hatzfeld 

To have a good social overall, I would go for:

– Enough dancers to dance all night with plenty of different partners, with a good Lead/Follow balance

– Place: Enough space to dance, good floor

– Good mood, no elitist groups judging everyone

– Good music

On the personal level, we all love to have great connection with our partners and go back home thinking of these 2-3 great dances we had! It’s more random though, and it can happen or not no matter the social quality.

User d_tiBBAR

For me, dance socials can be on-and-off on how great they are. I like to leave a social saying “that was an awesome social” – of course, that does not always happen.

This is how I rate not in any particular order:

· Followers willing to dance

· DJ (I like a mix of salsa, bachata but not too much of sensual songs)

· Connection with the dancer

· Feedback

The feedback is huge for me because I really enjoy compliments! It motivates me to want to get better at it. What are your thoughts?

I can’t believe I forgot to mention space. Some venues are so small that you may end up smacking or someone smacks you unintentionally. You’re definitely right about thinking of those 2-3 dances you have when you get home. It can happen or not, doesn’t matter how great the social quality is. You’ll never know.

One of my favorite dances was unexpected in a new dance studio I never went to. A cute girl asked me to dance with her and we were smiling throughout the entire dance. I love great vibes like that!

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