What “market” does the salsa or social dance community fall into? Is it under nightclubbing, or is it art circuit?

Question by User pavizla

Is it commercial and entertainment? But what about congresses (salsa, tango etc.) and dance studios? Does the latter fall into education? Dance venues? I’m trying to write a piece for my local newspaper and I’m having a hard time categorizing social dance…


User mattsl 

Socials are definitely pretty much the same as nightclubs.

It depends on the social. Many of them used to take place in nightclubs.

User jWoozy 

A studio social? Not even close. They can’t sell alcohol, don’t have professional light/sound, and there is no bar. The essence of a nightclub is the sale of alcohol.

However, with the growth of Latin dance companies, most are having these socials at dance schools or minor event halls to keep costs down and not have to meet a bar sales quota or share door revenue.

The ones still holding socials at the club, sure, you can categorize that as nightclub.

My argument is that a studio social cannot be categorized as a nightclub.

They should not be marketed the same way as clubs. I absolutely do not advertise my nightclub nights the same as my social nights. Two entirely different customers looking for different things.

User mattsl

The essence is people connecting. The catalyst is sometimes alcohol, sometimes dancing, sometimes both. Some people don’t drink at all whether it’s in a studio or a bar, and others are going to do shots of vodka in their car whether it’s in a studio or a bar.

Regardless, in the context of the original question, socials are marketed in pretty much the same way as clubs.

User LastDanz   

In my opinion it depends on the party (called “social)” and the studio.

Some of them are healing treatments. Some other are just nightclubbing, of course.

There’re also dance companies. Some of them are “art circuit”, others are just nightclub entertainment.

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