What options are there to buy a portable dance floor?

Question by User rawr4me

I want to be practicing salsa everyday (especially since the whole pandemic thing may last a while) but my room is carpet and my ensuite bathroom isn’t the ideal type of floor (or location). Are there portable dance floors suitable for practicing shines and turns and spins? I prefer an option that is portable (as opposed to a semi-permanent installation) so that maybe there’s even the chance I can take the floor and practice with a partner without needing to hire a studio. Any suggestions?


User double-you   

Spins might be the only reason to get floor tiles. Shines, no. Carpet should not be an issue. And you can spin on carpet too but it is probably not the best option when you are practicing them as carpet might shift.

But also: If you can’t get the tiles level and without edges where one could catch the heel, it will not be stressless dancing.

If you can’t get the tiles level and without edges where one could catch the heel, it will not be stressless dancing.

consider cleaning the soles of your dances shoes and practicing in them. Dress shoes with clean soles might also work nicely for spinning on carpet.

User AgnosticTheist

Back in the day, I used to rent a room in a friend’s townhouse and had the same issue. My friend and I bought a case of laminate wood flooring (the kind you can click together) and just assembled a patch over the carpet. If you have really plush, spring carpet, this won’t work too well, as the wood will separate. But if you have relatively even, flat carpet it can work for a song or two before you have to reclick the parts that drift apart.

Anyway, you can get a box of laminate (24 sq ft) for less than $20 at home depot. I think we bought 2 boxes. Then when you are done, separate the planks, stack them back up, and put them in the closet.

Kind of ghetto, but in those early days of learning salsa I had a constant itch to practice and it was really helpful.

 just did a quick check on Home Depot’s site, and it has a box of TrafficMASTER Lakeshore pecan for $18.12

User mstoltzfus97   

There was a Latin festival in our local city here a few months ago, and they rented a portable dance floor… However, the one side dipped significantly, causing dancers to all but drift off of the floor. I spent a fair amount of time that night simply guiding my follows away from the dip.

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