What would you find inappropriate to do while dancing?

Question By User kateisboreeeed


User dwkfym 

‘Teach me’
‘you’re doing this wrong’
‘whats yo numba’
‘omg you’re so good for a <insert non latin race>’
*boners *

User IliasThermos 

Getting touched at the face

User Inmyfeelings123   

Excessive talking. Connect with me while we dance, get to know me off the dance floor! 😂

User eenergabeener 

Asking someone “how long have you been dancing?” Seems like an innocent question but it usually carries some assessment or mild judgement. It takes away from the flow. Besides the answer makes no difference.

Staring at our feet the whole time or looking around the room. So annoying and bad manners. Look up, look at my face and eyes, connect.

One guy kept putting his face against my face during bachata. Tooo much.

Too many sexual moves in bachata within the first few seconds of dancing.

Correcting me in a judgemental way, or even praising me in a judgmental way. It is possible to do either in a friendly discrete way.

User feralcricket   

Not being engaged or not paying attention to our dance.

User californiastateuni 

Couples who just came there to dance by themselves especially when it’s a free group lesson. I get it, you two are lovebirds but ya’ll gotta be also comfortable with having your partner dance with someone. No, it’s not cucking, it’s a bit of a diss especially when you’re both in a GROUP dance class

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