What’s your salsa level?


User Chris_Yannick 

Really impossible to answer, but I’d put myself at Upper-Intermediate. Been Salsa dancing for 13 years. At 2 years, I thought I was Advanced – mostly because I was taking ‘advanced classes’ at my local school. Now, I have no problems saying that I am a solid intermediate dancer. Plus, levels are relative. In one scene, you could be advanced, but in another scene, you could be a beginner. Social dancing also levels the playing field somewhat so you can dance with everyone from beginner to super professional, but it is easy to say you’re much better than you actually are because of ego – many performers fall under this category. I’ve spent the last year or so going deep into body movement, which was lagging very far behind my social dancing abilities. My goal is to be a good an all-around Salsa dancer. The music is also something that should be mentioned as without it, there is no Salsa dancing. It’s weird for me that someone would say that they’re a pro Salsa dancer but doesn’t actually like the music, know what I mean?

So as someone who can dance with the majority of people in the international dance scene, I am high intermediate, but put me in Cali Colombia or Cuba and I am a beginner since I can not dance Cali Style Salsa or Cuban Son/Casino very well.

User Superbacano

Been dancing 4 years, thinking myself truly intermediate in my styles (LA/NY), though locally I’m considered advanced (by others). In other styles such as caleña or casino, I’m definitely a beginner.

Everything starts with a desire to move to the music I like, so also agree with you on that part.

Also, probably a Dutch thing: championships aren’t really a thing. Generally considered you have good dancers there, but not the best (with some exceptions obviously). So being championship level wouldn’t be the highest level for me. Probably something like internationally renowned teacher level, would.

User deLarg0 

Damn, I miss socials. Started classes a year ago and was weird AF as I am/was a punk dude that never listened to latin music. And now I’m a potato. Maybe I should dance alone, but idk.

User Tobiko_kitty

I learned in the Peace Corps in ’88 and social danced with the locals at every festival during the season. I took about 28 years off. I often say I spent longer NOT dancing than most of the people I now dance with have been alive.

I started back when my husband offered to take me back to visit the country where I’d been stationed. He had zero dance experience of any kind, so between studio lessons and group club lessons, he’s up to maybe Upper beginner after 4 years. OK, he’s also 72 years old, so at least he’s out there!

I’m able to follow just about anything the local really good guys lead me in, but when we visited Chicago and went out salsa dancing, I was seriously humbled.

Then again, we’re in it for the social aspect, not any kind of competition.

User feralcricket 

When I’m dancing regularly, I like to think that I’m upper intermediate. God only knows what I’ll be when we finally get back on the dance floor (LOL).

The only consolation is that most everyone will be in the same boat!

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