Which cities in europe have the largest kizomba communities?

User Gekkoisgek

Lisbon, Paris

User kamakamelia   

Frankfurt has quite the nice scene aswell, or munich aparrently. London ive never been to but ive researched a bit, and there’s also a party each day.

User propella3000 

Amsterdam, Rotterdam I think as well

User xicoen   

Lisbon definitely. 7 days a week 70% traditional (changing more and more to modern). Quite a few of turists come here only for the kizomba as is portuguese and there is a lot of angolans living in there


Tbh ive never been to munich, i just know in Augsburg theres a lot of festivals and workshops going on throughout the year, joao and vanessa teach there i belive. I just know a bunch of good dancers from munich.

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