Best cameras for recording social dances ?

Question by User KiD_ArMaNi

I want to specialize in producing amazing bachata videos but I feel overwhelmed by the different kinds of camera’s out there.

I don’t want to buy the wrong one. Do you guys have experience with this?

Can you give me different recommendations and tell me why its the best please?

My budget would be 2 thousand euros for everything so say lenses and stabilizer included.


User geeered 

If you’re spending that much, a good lot of the ‘amazing’ will come from the techniques, editing etc.
Get a phone on a gimball and make a real effort with getting the right shots and a lot of time on the editing and you’ll have some pretty impressive videos too!

If you have a whole load of time to dedicate to it, I might also consider a cinewhoop (small drone designed for indoor video)

User byteseed 

100% Camera is far less important than editing and camera skills. Good video artist with IPhone, who knows how to edit and film, will do much better video compared to a beginner with expensive RED gear.

User thetreemanbird 

I bought a used Sony a6300 from amazon for like 700 USD, then a sigma 1.4 18mm lens for like 200 I think? Maybe more. Then you can probably get a used gimbal for 100-300 USD. Mine is the Moza Aircross. The a6300 is good because it gives you 120fps which you can use for slow motion shots, and then you just need a lens with a wide aperture (anything below 2 or so) to get really blurry backgrounds and shoot well in low light. I’d also get a longer lens as well, something like an 85mm 1.4 to get close-ups of faces without getting in the way on the dance floor. I have a sony 18-105mm f4 lens that works well but only in the daytime or with good lighting. Hope that helps! And when you buy a camera, don’t buy it with a kit lens. Mine came with one and I have literally never used it.

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