Who are your Favorite Bachata Dancers ?

User duyc37 

Definetely Marco y Sara! They are my most favorite couple to learn from on Youtube.

Besides their dancing skills, i can see their passions that they showed in each videos. My favorite vid of them on Youtube is “Centativo” by Romeo Santos.

User Acquilas

I love Carlos Espinosa and Maria Angeles. His bachata moderna style is what I love dancing. No tooo much sensual and great movement.

So as a leader I focus on Carlos Espinosa. First off I enjoy his attitude – when I dance I like to enjoy myself and like my partners to enjoy themselves too. Its fun and should be fun – and if they are a beginner i think it puts them at ease if you are smiling and not just sour faced. I really enjoy Carlos’ musicality. He is connected with the songs and knows the nuances of the music which is what I love to do. Its important and shows a next level of dancing. Its not just moving to the beat – it is feeling and interpreting the music – picking up the bongos, bass, or the requinto and bringing those out in your movements. Both Carlos and Maria have that and they have a great connection. I also love his minimal use of really sensual figures that dont translate so well in social. Here in London there are many places to dance – some very sensual orientated and others more moderna or fusion. But, myself, I love his technique and his figures look really good and slick.

User FlokiWolf 

Ataca and La Alemana (Tanya) are a great couple.

User Bricci89

I like Cornell and Rithika

They are incredibly fluid and they never lose that bachata pattern. I’m still new but they just turn the simple patterns and make it so much more. Very easy to watch, married couple and his wife moves like water!

User RocktheRedDC 

I like in this order:

1. Axel and Maria Cristiani

2. Daniel and Desiree

3. Ataca and Alemana

They have different styles. I like Axel because he combines Bachata Sensual with Acrobatica, Zouk and Romantica. This is what is called Fusion. They also have style, beautiful dancers and technique is outstanding.

User TrialByFisticuffs

Marcelo y Belen. They are my #1 absolute favorite. My partner and I dissect their moves all the time

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