Why do you Social Dance ?

Question by User netflixychilaquiles

Hey all! Long-time bachatero here.

I’ve been dancing bachata for over a year now and I’ve had an amazing experience learning and improving my moves.

Recently, though, I’ve somewhat lost my spark. I find it difficult to think of my purpose for dancing. It’s really important for me to have a purpose for why I learn and improve and enjoy bachata, but I’ve come up empty recently.

I want to know–what motivates you to keep dancing? Do you feel like you have a goal when you dance?

Any advice for a stuck bachatero?


User gnimsh 

Smiles. My own and the ladies I dance with. Some of my happiest moments recently have been while dancing.

Some music just really moves me.

User HavokIris 

I haven’t been dancing in months, but every time I hear bachata music, my body has to move. I love the music, I love the huge variety of people who dance, I love the way it feels when you pull off the perfect combo. It’s just fun! Don’t put so much pressure on the dance and just enjoy it.

User CowboyTerp 

Do you watch social dancing videos on youtube?? Those are what keep me going. Every few weeks I find a new social dancing vid that I fall in love with.

User Tcrumpen 

I started off learning Salsa, and one day my dancing instructor called in a favour and asked the DJ to put on a bachata track she was practising her performance to, from the instant i heard it i fell in love with the music.

It initally just started as that a love of the music, but then i started taking a couple of lessons and seeing other people dance it (at the time i dodn’t know but they were doing bachata sensual) and in my mind i was just thinking “Yes, this is what i want; it’s so romantic” and being a huge hopeless romantic i continued to do bachata lessons

Now (2 years of lessons later) im at a stage where i’m going to big bachata conferences in the UK and taking lessons from some the biggest names in the busniess; granted i’m NO WHERE NEAR their skill level. In fact i literally just got back from a conference today where i saw the World Championship finals for Bachata. My god nothing has ever lit me up more than watching those 7 couples perform, it’s cemented by desire to one day become a performer and maybe even compete for the world chmapionship

User feketegy   

Sorry to tell you this, but if you dance bachata for a year, you just barely scratched the surface.

My motivation is to simply be better (in my own eyes). I like when the girl I’m dancing with smiles and feels good dancing with me. I like seeing myself improve in dance, concentrate on style, form, musicality.

Once, the bachata figures was the first on my list of priorities, now it’s the last. You can do just basic stuff and still be better than the guy next to you who is making some half-assed complicated figure which he saw on YouTube, breaking the girls arm in the process.

User djsnipy

I just started taking bachata lessons last month and I’m loving it. I’ve loved the music for quite a while and over the summer went with my puerto rican friend (who showed me it at first) to a Prince Royce concert. When I got there I was like “that’s it, I need to learn bachata”. And so…here we are.

I am honestly a bit afraid to go social dance since it’s only been a month and I’m also pretty young (18). I don’t know what kind of skill set the people at clubs have or if it’d be weird since I’m younger. But hey, I’ll get there.

User veldrane_ 

I’ve been dancing for almost 7 years dominican style and I’dont have any goal. My motivation is just the passion of the dance. I love to be connected with the music, partner and our moves. For 5 minutes I can forget for the world around, is there just me and my partner, it is one the best feeling what i know.

User ThisGuy   

That feeling of togetherness, of chemistry with a partner is amazing! And of course, it can also be such an irresistible appetizer for a fantastic night, when it’s with someone you’re romantically involved with.

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